Get Ready For the Firekeepers Casino 400

The 2020 Firekeepers Casino 400 is going to be the biggest one yet. The owners of the Miami Beach casino will be opening the event with a nighttime spectacular. Las Vegas will provide everything you need to party including five full nights of entertainment. Even if you just want to party with your family, there are other activities for you to take part in such as water skiing and treasure hunts. On the other hand, there are other ways that you can enjoy the evening as well. You can enjoy the entertainment during the daytime as well or watch a fireworks show after dark.

There are two types of ticket prices for the Firekeepers Casino 400. There are a day pass which will allow you to spend only one hour and a wristband ticket which allows you to enter for an entire day and a half. Both of these tickets come with a free entrance. In addition, there is a VIP ticket which will give you access to the VIP area. This is a VIP entrance which will give you access to the casino floor, and even your own private bar. The VIP ticket includes one bottle of champagne and unlimited soft drinks. However, a member of the press can also purchase an upgrade ticket which includes their own space at the VIP table and one bottle of champagne.

Just because it is going to be the largest party ever does not mean that there are not things that you need to do on your part. For instance, in addition to the fireworks show, there will be a three-hour musical performance by the band “Blue Man Group.” They are known for their live shows and they will perform at least four times. This will make sure that everyone gets to see the fireworks, and it is a nice way to get people out of their seats. It is also important to note that a special auction is being held. During the course of the evening, you will have the opportunity to bid on items. After all, if there is nothing left for you to buy, you can sell it off to raise some money for charity.