Hotel Near Firekeepers Casino Battle Creek MI

A hotel near Firekeepers Casino Battle Creek MI is one of the more unique hotels that I’ve been to in my travels. If you haven’t heard about this one you should find out more about it, because this hotel was a pleasant surprise for me and I would love to be a guest at this one in the future.

hotel near firekeepers casino battle creek mi

This is the third hotel that I have stayed at in the last couple of months and I have to say that I have really enjoyed staying at Firekeepers Casino Battle Creek. I’ve had some really nice times in this casino, it’s a nice hotel and I love the fact that there is an extra bonus to stay here every night if you go on a night tour. The other nice thing is that there are many places to eat in Battle Creek that you can grab a great meal and relax with your family. Also, this casino is a casino so that means that you are going to get great entertainment. One thing that I really like about this casino is that there is so much to do during the day. During the daytime you will be able to go bowling, go to the bowling alley, play cards or even go bowling yourself.

The rooms are comfortable, they are clean, and there are so many good times to be had when you stay at this hotel. If you want to spend time in Battle Creek Michigan then you need to check this one out. It is one of the most unique hotels that I have stayed at and I have to say that I have enjoyed staying at this one more than any other hotel in the area. If you want a great hotel then you need to check this out.